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Who Is This Jesus?

A Look at the Nature & Work of Jesus Christ


Alfred B. Davis

Copyright 2012 Alfred B. Davis
ISBN: 9781301686520

Who do you think Jesus Christ is? Do you think the Bible accounts of the life of Christ are true and accurate or more the stuff of myth and legend? Could Jesus Christ really be God manifest in the flesh or was He simply a prophet and a teacher? Did He really die on the cross to pay for our sins or was the cross and unforeseen failure? Is Jesus alive today or dead in the grave?

"Who Is This Jesus?" looks at the nature and work of Jesus Christ as revealed in the greatest book of all time, the Bible. It is an examination of such things as the incarnation, the Trinity, the resurrection, and the deity of Jesus Christ. Along the way it looks at the Lord's Supper, Sunday worship services vs. Sabbath keeping, the reality of heaven and hell, and whether or not Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation.

"Who Is This Jesus?" also includes a final chapter presenting the birth of Jesus Christ entirely from the Scriptures. This chapter alone makes a great personal or family devotional and an inspirational Christmas Eve reading for homr or church.

Meet the Author

Alfred B. Davis has a B.S in Wildlife Biology, with a minor in Botany, from Colorado State University and a B.A. in Bible from Heritage Baptist University.

Davis is the pastor of the Bible Baptist Church, located in his hometown of Richfield, Ohio. He also hosts Live with Pastor Al, a live, call-in radio program dealing with Bible questions and current events in light of God's Word. Live with Pastor Al is heard every Sunday night from 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM and every Friday afternoon from 1:30 PM to 2:00 PM on AM 1220 WHKW.

His other ebooks include: The Birth of Christ As Recorded In the Scriptures, The Coming Arab-Israeli Nuclear War, and Wildwood

From a background in biology and natural resource management, a stint in the United States Air Force, church planting in the Samoan Islands of the South Pacific, and pastoring in Northeast Ohio, Davis brings an uncommon outlook and unique insights to his comments, discussions, and writings.